Using PDAF pixels for depth mapping, bokeh simulation

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Re: Google Pixel 2

Wayne Larmon wrote:

I'm still waiting for references to similar information from the manufacturers of other flagship phones (or for that matter ILCs.) Compared to Google Research information, the other manufacturers just do a lot of hand waving.


You may wait a long time.  It was very common at the beginning of my career for tech firms to be rather open with their intellectual property, because it was tied to a manufacturing and engineering capability that was hard to duplicate.  Thus, they could enjoy mindshare AND a predictable income stream from the instruments they made with that IP.  There wasn't this dependence on information asymmetry for market successs - more implementational competence.

The final company in my career had a completely different attitude towards publishing - no way, unless it was a press release for a new product - but the technology employed was an absolute company secret that was only worth what it brought to the company in terms of IC sales.  The lifecycle of IC products was simply too short, and the competition too intense, to disclose, or to devote any amount of an engineer's time to writing a disclosure.

Google is disclosing a lot, though if you study the papers it's only at a high level - the nuts and bolts are still secret, and that's OK...but it also says to me that they see value in mind share - that they're selling something more than widgets, and that they feel comfortable enough in their market position that disclosure won't kill their dominance.

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