Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 art uneven sharpness

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Re: Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 art uneven sharpness

You can go play the exchange-the-lens game if you'd like, but I still think your expectations at F/2.8 are a bit too high.

Reality: The odds of one of us stumbling across a difficult-to-design wide angle zoom that has no field tilt or centering issues at every focal length within the range is pretty slim. You might find one that is pretty good at 14, less so at 20, etc, etc. The ultra wide zoom is one of the hardest optical designs, and given what you and I purchase are consumer optics, not precision optics (or the price would be 10x), there are going to be issues of some sort with such a lens; the hope is that they aren't severe issues.

Again, if you're finding good performance across the frame by F/8, corners and edges, at all focal lengths, I'd be happy. I've shot a *lot* of glass, including a lot of wides, and perfection at F/2.8 isn't likely, even in a prime, much less a zoom, contrary to what you might be reading or believing.

If you have doubts, perhaps rent a copy and compare it to yours and see how you feel?


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