Veiling flare: the elephant in the room?

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Re: Veiling flare: the elephant in the room?

That is intentional flare used by cinematographers as a way to boast to other cinematographers “look at me! I have the budget to shoot with anamorphic lenses.”

And they don’t stop there. I think I’ve mentioned this before but it’s so contrary to what people here expect. In “Saving Private Ryan” Janusz Kaminsky had Panavision strip the coating off a set of Ultraspeeds so they would give him more veiling glare and make the lenses flare more easily.

”Without the coatings, the light enters the lens and then bounces all around, so the image becomes kind of foggy but still sharp. Also, it's much easier to get flares, which automatically diffuses the light and the colors to a degree and lends a little haze to the image.”

jannefoo wrote

watching modern movies, you'd never guess that is the case when scene after scene is drowned in giant flares of all shapes, sizes and colours of the spectra -- real, or more and more commonly, computer generated

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