Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Re: Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

Mike - wrote:

As most know, finding a good "a" mount lens is a pain. Especially for what I need...zoom wise. Swapping to an "E" mount, will go a long way toward using it more.

BUT, maybe I'll hang onto it a little longer. Being recently retired, and beginning to "clean" things up around the house, I found my old Minolta, Maxxum 7xi, with its (Tamron) 28-200 and (Minolta) 28-105 lenses. The 28-200 only sorta helps my distance problem (my 5D IV Canon with its 35-350 L are perfect. If it were only stabilized !).

Out of curiosity, this morning, I put the 28-105 lens on the a99 II and went outside. Although I've read posts about how well the old Minolta lenses work, I was still somewhat amazed at how detailed the photos actually were. Only took a few shots of junk around the house, and didn't do a high...level "inspection" the pictures for detail, color, fringing, etc., etc. but..! Only thing about the 28-105 is that its zoom is motorized. Wondering on how it will effect the battery life.

I haven't given the 28-200 any time yet. Just put the 28-200 on...the outer lens/element rotates during focus..! Maybe tomorrow for this one...

Maybe with these two lenses, my a99 II still has a home after all. I'll take it with me next weekend and see how things turn out.


Just be fair, Xi28105 is not a bad lens, indeed I have it and Xi100300 and both are usable, although not comparable to SAL2470Z or primes. However, if you do not have a better lens you might not see the full potential of IQ of the 42MP at FF, either this SLT or A7x, you need get a better lens to be able to enjoy more. You might try some affordable minolta lenses as other suggested, they literary cost pennies, such as 3570F4, 50F1.7. Or you can pay a bit more to get other suggested here. I bought old SAL2470Z1 and I found it is almost as good as those fancy lenses on my A7R2 ...

It looks like you prefer super zooms, so if you want to use your Canon lenses, you might have choose the A7R2 in the first place. Tamron 28-200 does not look like a sharp lens. If you do not already have Sony Alpha lenses in your collection, you might have to swap from SLT to mirrorless to be able to adaptor to your Canon lenses.

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