Skyport with Godox?

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Re: Skyport with Godox?

R0ots wrote:

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Sailor Blue already gave you sound advice about speedlights (though an ELB isn't best used in a studio, but outdoors). As for what the club "wants" it's always tough to suggest without seeing but, you may have to just go with a higher ISO or wider aperture lens to get "brighter"

Yes the ELB will be used primarily for outdoor dance and adventure sport photography as well as for more versatility in midday photography. In the dance floor I’m shooting with an f1.4 prime and pretty high iso, and although I can capture some nice moments with acceptable grain, it’s just not the look they want to promote. They want that white light look when the only lights in there purple, and blue and only point at the stage. I’ll try and post an example

Not sure I understand what they mean by "white light" look.  ?

Most cameras can handle the high iso and with a fast lens, you should be able to get some good shots.

Adding flash might not be the solution at all unless you're familiar with balancing flash and stage light. (using gels etc)

Hi-sync is not what you need in this situation, as it has a long flash duration and will not freeze anything well below x-sync. (which is where i assume you will be given the ambient light)  HSS won't do you much good either for the same reason, you will not be above x-sync.

The scenario where flash might work is with a Speedlight on camera, setting the camera to underexpose the ambient slightly and use flash rear sync to get some cool  "action" shots with movement streaks. Depending on look and ambient, might want to gel the light as well)

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