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Re: Self-fulfillment vs. website integrated lab fulfillment

Mare_333 wrote:

Hello, Marianne here with a question. My question is to those of you who use websites providers that offer fulfillment through an integrated lab - do you upload HIGH resolution images RIGHT AWAY or is there a way to still SOMEHOW upload LOW resolution images FIRST even though fulfilling through a provider?I am trying to pick a website for my photo business and I am torn between picking a site that offers fulfillment vs. fulfilling myself. My main problem with using the website that offers fulfillment through an integrated lab (ex. WHCC) is that this way I can NOT upload LOW resolution images FIRST since the client will be ordering DIRECTLY from the lab so whatever image I uploaded THAT'S the image that will be sent to the lab for printing. Ideally I would prefer to upload low resolution and/or watermarked ones FIRST and let the client make the selections from these low resolution ones. Then I would make high resolution images available to them. So is there a way to upload LOW resolution images FIRST while using the website provider that offers fulfillment or will I have to upload HIGH resolution images in that case? Hope you can clarify this issue for me, thank you very much,


Hi Marianne, if you choose to permit self fulfillment online you are trapping yourself into retouching large numbers of images that will not be purchased.

If you sell in person, you can show a few selects that you have retouched to some degree in order to get a sale. In person sales will generate a lot more revenue than online.

If you choose to sell online Shootproof allows you to upload high res files and it will watermark them for you. The client can then order prints or files and the images can be sent directly to the lab or fulfilled by the studio. The client can also buy files online and get downloads specifically sized (high or low res etc) the files will then be delivered without watermarks.

You can upload low res images to Shootproof and watermark them and have the order sent to you for fulfillment. In my experience this is where you can make mistakes with aspect ratios or just mis-ordering. Self fulfillment online gets around that issue.

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