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The Myth Of Mass Switching

It seems to be a staple on the internet gear sites these days, this myth that so many people are switching brands from Canon and Nikon into the waiting arms of Sony.  But not only is there no hard data to back that up, I thought I'd explore why this is highly unlikely.

1) Most people won't switch unless they are profoundly dissatisfied with their current gear.  If people find that their current gear still performs well for them, there is very little impetus to change. And bottom line is that the vast majority of users feel that their Canon gear does a great job and for good reasons.  It's like a marriage; if a marriage is going well, chances are neither partner will be tempted to shop around or leave, and won't care about what else is out there, even if there might be small advantages available elsewhere.

I was taking some pics of critters this past week with Canon gear, and the results were so great that I wasn't thinking of other brands.  It's like when I eat a great meal at a restaurant; I'm not leaving that restaurant thinking I should have gone somewhere else.

2) Switching is expensive and time consuming.  People don't like to spend more money or time unless there is a huge reward for doing so.

3) Switching has another expense that I see few discuss, but is so important, esp. for a pro or serious hobbyist.  That expense is the loss of acquired experience and expertise with existing gear.  When you use gear enough, you learn its strengths and weakness, you learn the way to operate it that works best for you, you learn how to operate it almost reflexively without even thinking.  That all takes time, and switching means you start all over again.   And if one is experienced enough with photography, you understand that your experience and skill counts more than the gear.  To throw that away is a huge loss.  The pro's I know wouldn't think of giving this advantage away in some sort of  casual way, to chase the latest tech fad out there.

The bottom line is that most people invested in Canon are going to stay with Canon.

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