Will this impact DPR as well ?

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Re: They never learn.....

tedolf wrote:

Hi Rick

I think Amazon (like most businesses that are able to move) would at least seek the low-cost option to 'affect change' first, when it's in their best interest to do so. I do hope Amazon and others leave Seattle, and in doing so leaving the money-grabbing government with a lingering searing heat in its face as a punitive reminder that it's not a good idea to tax people or corporations more, just because they make more.

They never learn.

Boeing left after complaining bitterly about the egregious Business & Occupation tax (a tax on gross, not net receipts) for years.

We still have it and Boeing is gone.

Maybe we should start taxing mom and pop stores 20% more because they don't, as a result of their business entity, add as much money to the local, state and or federal tax base as Amazon... In the spirit of being fair and all

They really don't care. It is all about irrational ideology, until their re-election is threatened.

(friendly poke in your ribs)

You'd think with all the money being sheltered and the gross amount of under-table bartering, the government would get smart and be more reasonable/fair when it comes to taxation and such. There's a lot of truth in the saying "you catch more flies with honey..."

Few will stand for being robbed, just because it's sanctioned by the legislature.  Not happening!

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