Basic question about shutter speed vs frame rate

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Re: Basic question about shutter speed vs frame rate

Gary3000 wrote:

That said, the 180 degree rule isn't the law - it's meant for more natural motion blur (and is a bit of a throwback to the old days when shutter speed and frame rate were strictly tied together)

True.   And when shooting film with mechanical shutters it's very difficult to go beyond a shutter angle of 180 degrees because the camera needs the "shutter closed" time to advance the film to the next frame.

That's a non-issue in digital cameras, which can pretty easily achieve almost 360 degree "shutter angles" - in other words shoot 24fps footage at a shutter speed of 1/24th of a second.  That would result in motion blur where the blur length is the same as the amount of frame-to-frame movement.  That would minimize the jerkiness of moving objects, but at the expense of even more detail.

Since there's no materials cost to shooting digital video, the sound advice is to try out the various frame rates and shutter speeds to see which combinations give the desired effect.

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