Discovered panorama stitching

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Re: Discovered panorama stitching

Dark and blurry wrote:

lokatz wrote:

Welcome to the wonderful world of stitching! Just one thought: if you are a Windows user, take a look at Microsoft's ICE (Image Compositing Editor) tool. It is free and makes stitching ten times easier than Hugin does.

Newbie question re stitching: I understand the need for a level tripod, but does the camera need to be leveled on the tripod?

Say you're at a highter elevation than your subject and want to point downward. Does this work with stitching?

Hi Dark and blurry,

I think what matters is that your sequence of images fit together reasonably well so that the software has a chance to match the images together prior to blending.

So camera can be pointed up or down, but each photo should fit well into the next in the series with a reasonable overlap.


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