Sony custom service is terrible

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tbcass wrote:

PhotoRoo wrote:

Yeah, I am not a fan of Sony. Also, the laptop failed within a few years, despite being priced at several hundred more than equally specced laptops from other brands. They make some good camera gear at the moment and unfortunately it is often unmatched by other companies, which is why I am currently using a Sony Camera but I won't hesitate in selling up as soon as I can get the same work done on another camera if one of the other companies would just kick it up a gear and properly compete.

I'm posting this not to start an argument but to add a counter point. Your service problems are probably more to do with the company that is repairing your camera or Sony UK than Sony Japan. In the last 30 years I have owned the following Sony products. A Mini Disc, 2 Walkmen, a Discman, 8 televisions, 2 multimedia receivers, 9 cameras, 2 flashes and probably other things I can't think of right now. Out of all that the only thing that broke was one of the flashes. So I hope you can see why I disagree with you 100%. In my experience Sony products are some of the best made and most reliable on the market hence I stick with the brand that works for me.

It's not the product. I love the Sony cameras and lenses I own. It is just the prospect of having to deal with terrible customer service again, at least in the UK. I wouldn't go back to a restaurant with exceptional food but terrible customer service.

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