Save $400 Today on Vello Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Accelerator AF Lens Adapters

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Re: Save $400 Today on Vello Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Accelerator AF Lens Adapters

photo_ion wrote:

Never used Vello but the new USB firmware upgradable Viltrox speedbooster is amazing for around 150$ (never directly compared Viltrox to Metabones but do not see how Metabones may be better). Viltrox is fast to focus and track (on latest af cameras like a6300/a6500) some lenses are faster than with Sigma MC-11. Optical quality is excellent, my Canon 135f2 gathers light as f1.4 lens

As to how Metabones is better, it actually works.

I have the non-speedbooster variant of the Viltrox.  It worked OK with the EF85/1.8 (on par with Metabones) and was near useless with every other lens I tried.  The Viltrox IV couldn't even handle the EF50/1.8 STM, which is historically the most adapter-friendly lens there is.  They eventually fixed this, but the fact that they have to explicitly add in workarounds for such a "vanilla" non-quirky lens that no other adapter has issues with is telling.

I also own the Viltrox's speedbooster predecessor, which was electronically identical to the non-speedboosted EF-NEX II.  Optical quality was fine in the center but had severe corner vignetting on A6300 and A6500, corner vignetting that was independent of the lens.

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