Can a fast lens be used for general/landscape photography?

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Suggest you do more research on astrophotography.

slphoto wrote:

I'm thinking about getting a new camera to do some night sky photography (such as the Milky Way and meteor showers). I have never used a DSLR before.

I've read that astrophotography requires a fast lens (maybe f/1.8?). What if I don't want to carry around multiple lenses with me - would I be able to use the fast lens to take photos of other things besides the night sky? Like just general day time indoor/outdoor, landscapes, etc?

It's a very specialized genre, and hardly a beginner topic.

You should do more research as those who are serious in this type of photography not only have fast lenses, but also have modified cameras to capture light that the human eye can't see.

Also as this requires very long exposures, there are modifications that reduce the heat that a traditional digital camera generates during exposure (more heat means more hot pixels).

The following site has information about this type of photography, and also sells modified cameras (and they also modify them)...I have no connection with this company, nor receive anything for providing this link:

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