Did the D610 have oil spots on the sensor, same as the D600

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Re: Did the D610 have oil spots on the sensor, same as the D600

Gon0S wrote:

Chas J wrote:

To quote myself;

"My D610 gets more spots and muck various than any other camera I own ... and I have and use quite a few !. Love the camera and it's output ... hate the spots. They appear often and I'm getting paranoid about using it !."

Your post is 'spot' on !. I keep the D610 mainly for travel. It is just right in weight, size and resolution. But, so far, I always come back from a trip with dust and oil spots ... my heart sinks when I look at the photos.

This is the complete opposite of my u4/3 gear. I own six u4/3 bodies going back to an Oly E-P2, all of which I have used extensively (10s of thousands of exposures) in the deserts of the Middle East (very dusty) to places like Singapore (very humid) and I have yet to see a dust or oil spot on any of the bodies !.

Also. I have a D700 and a D810 and they have managed just a couple of spots each over moderate use.

There is no doubt (for me) that the D610 has a problem.


Really amazed how you can have 3 different Nikon bodies with same oil spot problems whereas 2 of theses 3 models does not be known to have oil spot problems.

I own a d810 for 2 years, using only primes lenses, never seen an oil spot on my sensor.

My two other F-mount dSLR (fuji S2pro and fuji S3pro) are now aged of 15 and 13 years old, and I only got dry dust particles and only a handsome sticky dust/pollen veils needing wet cleaning (less than 5 wet cleaning done so far, never needed more, 66000 shots kept, far more shutter actuations), no oil whereas using old tech lenses.

So, I don't know the exact problem you encountered, but if you used the same zoom lense onto 3 differents bodies, and all three got oil problems, maybe the problem is seated into the lense (too fluid grease, does the lense have oil spots too ?) or some operating errors when doing cleanup tasks onto your nikon bodies.

Claiming you never had such problems with other brands is just somewhat too much, as 100% Nikon owners are not plagged as you. I know furious users with every camera maker brands, so it is moot to say Oly is free of problems (I had shutter problems with 2 of my Fuji's, the S3 is the one that is still having sometime sticky shutter, I don't brag all Fuji are plagged with this problem)

Methinks you need to slow down a little !.  I like Nikon.

I use a approx. a half dozen lenses interchangeably on all of my six Nikon bodies.

When referring to the D700 and D810 I used the word 'spot' but, in this case, did not mean to infer 'oil' spot ... but regular 'spots', which I considered normal for the kind of use I have put them through. I was trying to say that I had little trouble with them ... perhaps it was a bad choice of word on my behalf.

I have a brace of Nikon D70s cameras that I bought in 2006.  I still use them occasionally but In their day I used them extensively. I have only needed to have them cleaned once since 2006 !.

I have traveled around the world (a number of times) using my u4/3 and Nikon (not at the same time) cameras.

I treat all my bodies the same way ... carefully.  There is no doubt that the D610 stands out as the one that gets far more dust and oil spots than any of the others ... far more.

I have six u4/3 bodies.  My first one bought in 2010.  Three have been used hard.  I did not say that these cameras do not have problems ! ... what I did say was that I have not yet seen any kind of sensor dust mark or spot on any of them.

What I am saying is not fiction, wishful thinking or speculation.  It is bourne out of use and great experience.  There will be very few people on DPreview that will have the experience that I have with the equipment that I have.

You can take my sincerity and hard earned knowledge on this particular matter and build into your 'world view' of cameras, or, you can deny it.   Your choice.


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