Cheapest wide/super wide for A5100

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Cheapest wide/super wide for A5100

Hey, long time lurker, first time poster(I think, I had an account already though).

So right to my question, I'll explain a little backstory as well, on the weekend I went to a local hotrod/car show, was really cool with lots of really nice old cars, I took my loved(for me anyway, I know some will have an issue with it) Vivitar 28mm 2.5, I like it for every day carry, I prefer it over the kit 16-50 anyway, but I found it wasn't really wide enough for that kind of photography so I got to googling fisheyes and wide angles for the platform, anything I like is way out of my budget, I got the camera for $500, I don't have alot of spare cash to spend on it, but I like my manual lenses over the auto's so it's not a big deal.

What I am looking at, anything wide angle or fisheye, I can get adapters for most of the older styles, I have no issue using them to be clear, I have a few other M42 lenses, a yashica or 2, I don't really like the IQ of the kit lens over the older stuff to me it appears pixelated or something, hard to explain, I have been on eBay and other places, I have looked at the rokinon's/etc, but even they outreach my price range usually, living in Australia means everything attracts the downunder tax so lenses I see for 160-200 are 300 here or more usually, i'm looking at 200 maybe 250 tops , shipped, so the money issue coupled with what to look for is doing my head in.

So I guess the main question is what to look at, manual, under 200, adaptable, I have no brand loyalty so anything goes within reason, even any ghetto'd rigs.

Hope it wasn't too painful to read, any help is much appreciated.


Some samples of the day, reasons.

RatRod, Even @28 I had to stand in the middle of the road.

Impala, nice car, but again had to get back too far, a wide/super wide would get me closer, I don't like being in the way or the street.

Took me 3-5 minutes of waiting to get this shot for my dad, nice fellow in the right of frame held up people, legend, so a wide would have helped again, the reason for this thread.

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Sony a5100
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