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can anyone recommend free raw conversion software easy to learn to use- ive always shot in jpeg only and want to learn to shoot in raw. looking for videos also to learn from ground basics up. also what are your jpeg settings you shot in for conversion to raw

As a few others have mentioned, the easiest way into raw processing is to use Nikon's own software (View NX-i and Capture NX-d).  They give you the easiest way to see images from raw (NEF) files on your computer screen that align with the settings on your camera and you can experiment with post processing from there.

With NEF files, many of the image settings (white balance, saturation, active lighting etc) do not affect the NEF information, just the presentation of the image when it's processed (that maybe to jpeg in camera or on a screen afterwards).  Though NX-d isn't the most complete editor it still does the best at representing those Nikon NEF files on screen with the 'Nikon Look' that you will be used to from your jpeg experiences out of camera.

There is generally a good deal of faff setting up other editors to give the same look - notwithstanding their claims.  That factor alone can cause a lot of frustration in taking first steps in RAW editing so best avoided initially.

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