Where can the RX100 series go next?

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Re: Where can the RX100 series go next?

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PhotoRoo wrote:

With the Rx100 V and VI giving us two great pocket camera options, one with a fast lens and the other with lots of reach, what direction could they take this camera if and when a version 7 is produced? I can't imagine an even longer zoom range than 24-200mm. And I doubt they can fit a larger sensor into that body. So what else can they do to improve this camera in future iterations?

I suppose they could further improve the 1" sensor, making it better in low light. And solving the overheating problem would be an "about time" upgrade. Better quality slow motion might be a good selling point too. And finding a way to fit an audio in jack.

Of course it's all just pie in the sky but sometimes it's enjoyable to speculate and see what others think may be possible.

I'm kind of curious about what you wrote here:


to quote:

" Yes, I bought a Sony laptop. A number of weeks into ownership one of the USB ports physically failed. If I wiggled it I could sometimes get it to work but if I so much as thumped my desk it would fail again. Sony tech support insisted that it was software related (which was incredibly stupid) and went round in circles doing updates, despite me telling them it was most definitely a hardware issue.
When all the updates inevitably had no effect and they accepted that is was in fact hardware related, they finally told me that in order to get it repaired I would have to pay several hundred pounds because USB ports are not covered by the warranty as they are cosmetic items. I stopped buying Sony products for 8 years after that, until I reluctantly bought an RX100V because no other camera can fulfill my current needs (mainly slow motion). But as soon as another manufacturer gives me the features I need I am leaving Sony. Sony charge more for their cameras than Nikon, Canon and Panasonic but do not back up that premium price with premium support or respect for their customers."

What is it, exactly, that you are curious about? The post seems quite self-explanatory to me.

and if that is true, why even bother with a post like this...?

-Martin P


Why even bother visiting forums? Why even bother getting out of bed every day? We do things that interest us. I don't have to like a company to take an interest in their technology. I bothered with a post like this because I currently own an RX100V and after seeing the VI come out recently I am curious about where Sony might take the series next and I enjoy conversations about such a topic.

I buy tools I need for certain projects. I'm not much of a brand loyalist and if a company burns me repeatedly or sufficiently I tend to dislike them as a company. I dislike Sony for their price to build quality ratio and their poor customer service, but until another company makes a compact all-in-one camera that gives me 480FPS (I need this for a long term project I'm working on) I am stuck with the RX100 series and will most likely be stuck with it for a year or two longer, hence my interest in what the next iteration might bring. Does that satisfy your curiosity?

The statement " But as soon as another manufacturer gives me the features I need I am leaving Sony." appears so drastic, one would assume you are done with this company, let alone start a post like this one. Nest pas...?

-Martin P


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