Did the D610 have oil spots on the sensor, same as the D600

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Re: Did the D610 have oil spots on the sensor, same as the D600 _ NO

Jim Holtz wrote:

Chas J wrote:

Jim Holtz wrote:

I have a D610 and other than normal dust which cleans up easily with an occasional cleaning, never a problem. You do not have to change lens to get dust on the sensor. Zoom lens leak and will pull dust into the camera.

Sensor cleaning is a normal part of ownership when shooting DSLR's.

If you think you have an issue, contact Nikon.


How very 'pat' and condescending ... now tell me something that I don't know ! .... i.e. show some respect and make a useful contribution.

LOL! I just did make a useful contribution. My experience simply didn't agree with you so it became condescending in your opinion.

Just an FYI, my experience agrees with Lens Rentals extensive testing of the D610 after it was introduced. They found no oil issues with the D610.

Sorry you're having an issue. If in fact its oil spots, Nikon will take care of it if you can offer proof with valid testing. If you're not satisfied with Nikon's response, probably time to move on. I also have a D750 which is stellar.

Best of luck!



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