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darylmesa wrote:

hi there,

Anyone out there can give me any advice on a nikon A vs olympus pen/omd for image quality and such.

I currently have an em10mkii and only ever use 1 prime lens, so the fixed lens doesn’t pose any problem. I also don’t shoot much action either, even my kids are old enough now to stay still for photos.

I am mainly concerned with ooc jpeg image quality, color reproduction and portability.

I have an opportunity to trade camera for camera by reselling to the shop.

once again thanks


Hi Daryl,

The Coolpix A far and away has the best ooc jpeg images of all my cameras!

While I prefer to shoot JPEG, I have set most of my cameras to JPEG+RAW so that I have options later if I'm in a tricky situation for getting the exposure as I want it, and then after import I delete the raw files I won't be using, which is most of them. (These are extra steps but it has been handy for situations where there isn't time to figure it out.) With this camera I keep meaning to change the settings so I have that option but I keep not bothering to do it because I am so happy with the image quality.

The flatness of it's shape makes it easier to slide into a pocket than an Olympus with a lens on it. I have a couple Nikon 1s and their shapes are bulkier as well.

It's my least versatile camera option but I find it to be my favorite one.


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