Is the A7Rii still worth it in 2018 (for 1900$ usd) ??

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Re: No way...

Trebor129 wrote:

johnierebel wrote:

I overcame my fear of ebay sellers. that said I am very happy with the A7R2. The more I learn, the happier I get. Get one.

No reason to fear eBay. If something is not as described, you can return it, even if it says "no returns." I just bought a 55 1.8 used. It was described as "I only used it a few times" so I figured it was perfect. Came with an "Amazon Warehouse" sticker on the box, so he bought it used so he had no idea how many times it was used. It had a scratch through the anodizing and looked kinda ratty (I have 20+ year-old lenses that are not marked up like this was). The serial number was very crooked so I think the first owner swapped it with a new one from Amazon as per return fraud. The listing said no returns. I asked the seller for $60 back and said he should have photographed or disclosed the scratch. He said I was being unreasonable and that "sure it had scuffs, but used items are allowed to have scuffs on eBay," and said it was a good price (it was an average eBay used price). This was a guy with 100% feedback. I asked for a refund. He approved it. The same day I bought another one for $10 less. It came today and is absolutely like new. And the 70-200 I bought used also looks 100% new.

Yep, with the eBay guarantee there is nothing to worry about. This wasn't always the case before the guarantee, a lot of shady types out there.

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