K-1 II High ISO Bunny

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SoCalWill wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

It what world is unrealistic considered improved when the desired result is realism? Another bad assumption on your part.

If you put more time into explaining why a picture is "good" as opposed to putting that effort into the picture, that's a red flag.

And realism isn't usually significantly downsized with a Geocities border, either you want the picture to look good or you don't.

Yeah you're entitled to your opinion just as I'm entitled to disagree with it! I don't use someones border template, I made my own, having been using it in my galleries for a decade of so and don't really see the need to start becoming inconsistent at this time, but I won't rule it out either. Is it really the border thats bugging you? because if it is you really don't need to respond to my posts if you don't like it. Clearly if you've been on the forum for any time then you'd know that more often then not I prefer natural fairly accurate photos rather than over processed over enhanced photos. My copy of the bunny is realistic, yours is just not realistic. Still your opposition to the borders makes me wonder why you didn't remove them in your posted copy. I think you're just trying to find things to be critical about for the sake of being critical, I could have done that when I responded to your photos in the past but you are entitled to your style as much as I am to my style and style aside I liked your photos so I said so.

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