Received my new 18-135 today

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Re: Received my new 18-135 today

PhotoFactor wrote:

PhotoFactor wrote:

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PhotoFactor wrote:

I ran a quick test today against the Sigma 19 and the kit 18-55. I'm quite pleased - initial tests show that it pretty much matches the Sigma at equivalent apertures

So the lens is as sharp as the fixed Sigma 19 around 20mm focal length?

Currently I use Sony 20mm/F2.8 pancake because the 16-50 kit sharpness is rather bad. I also have the 55-210 which is surprisingly good for its price.

Sometimes I found the fixed 20mm focal length too restrictive so I am looking for something better than the 16-50 kit one. I thought about Tamron 18-200 but reviews were rather negative.

I think of following upgrades:

Sony 16-50 -> Sony 18-135

Sony 20/2.8 -> Sigma 16/1.4

Yes, to my surprise I found my 18-135 to be pretty near identical to the Sigma 19 in sharpness. Of course the Sigma is smaller and goes down to f2.8.

I'm going to do a bit more testing (also at 135 as I saw the 55-210 being sharper at that FL and most people say that's not the case. I could have misfocused so will recheck, but am going on a trip and won't have a chance for a week or so.

OK, I did a quick retest of the 55-210 at 135 and the 18-135 also at 135.

In the center the 18135 is slightly better at f5.6 and f8.

On the edges it varies. In one corner and direction one lens is better, in other corners and directions the 55210 is better.

Overall I'd say they are nearly a wash at 135mm, with the very slight center sharpness advantage to the 18135. But I'm not sure you would notice the difference at normal sizes. So perhaps my 55210 is better than average, or my 18135 is worse than average at that FL.

I have had exactly the same experience. My 18135 have however way better contrast.

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