Can I edit music videos with this pc?

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Re: Can I edit music videos with this pc?

francescoparrella wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

I produce videos and tutorials with music, and special effects with essentially the same Lenovo set up, using Camtasia 9 video editor, I am currently testing ACDSee's new Video Studio 3 which claims to compete with Camtasia.

The biggest problem with any computer is the render time (i.e. Where the edited project is converted into a single video file) My last 10 minute video took about 20 minutes to render, if I recall correctly. The more complex the edited project, the longer the render time is required.

EDIT: I just noticed that the PC you listed is an i5 CPU while mine is an i7 CPU (sorry, my Spanish is rusty). However I am using the same graphics card, and I only have 12 GB of RAM. So, I suspect this Lenovo desktop will work reasonably well for short videos, and will be adequate for medium length videos. I suspect neither of us would be happy trying to render a feature length movie!

For the moment I don't think to make lenght movie. But I want be able to make music video with a reflex camera with the clone effect and the slpeet screen effect like these

For both videos I used a very cheap action cam that I bought for 60€ (60FPS and 1980x1080).

Do you think I'll be able to do it with a reflex camera?

I used ADOBE PRO CC 2018 and I esported both without problems (but in 20 minutes or something like this). It 's true actually that in the time line the videos was glitchy

Thank you

Just to clarify because you seem to be a bit confused by it, the Nikon is going to output video in the same format as you've already used, so it shouldn't be any different in that regard.

I assume you mean Adobe Premiere Pro??  If you're getting glitches in playback mode on the timeline you might be able to get better performance by making the preview image smaller/lower quality.  Not familiar with PP specifically, but that's a common thing that can usually be selected in the 'preferences' pulldown of a video editor.

BTW, was that you singing?  you have a great voice

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