Epson P800 or....?

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Epson P800 or....?

I have over the years had Epson printers and have been stunned by the quality or frustrated ny ink clogs in about equal measure.

I now have two faulty printers on my hands. One 7880 and one 4800. Both of which here in the UK will probably cost and arm and a leg to get repaired. The 4800 has had compatible inks in - so that won't be touched by Epson - never again will I go down that route. BUT boy the cost of Epson cartridges!!!

My problem is that I don't actually print that often commercially these days. I do get periods of intense activity around Xmas for schools work. Other than that it stis pretty idle. However I HATE being without a printer. I fell naked! Not like a proper pro.

I feel I need a printer again so that I can get back to some pleasure prints for myself - a few weekly and then my busy periods.

My sensible head is saying forget it. Get them printed online. But when done right at my studio the quality is better and also more repeatable not to mention can be tweaked more easily.

If I was to go for a printer I was thinking about the P800 for the ability to print occassional big and thick media and be more like what I'm used to.

Can you help me to make the decision please. Pros and cons for P800 vs ... any others?

Perhaps I should think of smaller format?

How does the P800 handle periods of inactivity? Does it clog? Is it expensive to run?

I'm in the UK so any voices with experience of running machines here would be good.

Thanks a lot.


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