This challenge title sucks

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Ahem; question from . . .

tasad wrote:

Fishchris wrote:

HDR done right ? Really ? So does Mr. Mountford feel like he can say what is "done right" and what isn't ? Isn't this a matter of personal opinion ? (...)

Are you sure that you're talking about Mr. Mountford ?...

. . . the peanut gallery.

Is there exif which tags HDR within the hosts' bag of tricks?  I need this answered as I contemplate capturing my very best astrophotography scene now that we're near a window containing a new moon.

In other words, when challengers submit their entry, all types of bells and whistles go off, based on the exif data, which alert the host that the entry is or isn't HDR; right?

Or, maybe, if I don't know what HDR is, I shouldn't be thinking about entering an HDR contest.

Or, maybe it's simply a post processing contest?

Or, maybe I should just eat my peanuts in right field and watch the game unfold because nobody hits to right field.

Or, maybe I shouldn't answer my iPhone out in right field.

And, while I'm thinking about it, congranulations to all the hosts who entered the "host only challenge."

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