I may be getting ahead of Guy Parsons, but how far ahead?

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I may be getting ahead of Guy Parsons, but how far ahead?

Guy Parsons is to blame for my Olympus MFT obsession, by writing up all the Olympus MFT cameras, and after he made them sound so good, I've had a PL1, PL3, P3, PL6, and not one, but a pair of OMD M10's.

But Mr. Parsons uses a pair of P5's, and those had five way stabilization, and gee gaws and foo fraws my OMD M10's do not have.

But yesterday, I was tempted by the offer of Robert's Camera to buy a $399 black OMD M5 II body, and my very own OMD M5 II is on the way.

Surely this camera body, excels even Parson's P5's.

I know the OMD series has a built in viewfinder. But Parsons has the excellent add on viewfinder. And the OMD M5 and up series is weather sealed, but doesn't have that Leica type styling that the P5 has, so let's call that styling. I don't plan on me or my camera getting very wet.

Aside from the viewfinders, and weather sealing, what theoretical advantages does the current OMD M5 II have over the P5?

I'll be able to take a 40mp picture, but that is a trifling advantage.

What are the practical advantages of the OMD M5 II over the P5, if there are any?

It's the Indian, not the bow, that hits the target, but is the OMD M5 II a better bow?

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