E-M1.2 video files broken up into small chunks????

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Re: E-M1.2 video files broken up into small chunks????

kwa_photo wrote:

Sorry, but I'm already seeing the writing on the wall with video...I think I know the answer and hope one of you can help guide me the right direction on how to deal with this, other than sell and move to Panasonic. Nothing against Panasonic, been there before. But the GH5 is just too chunky for my taste as a primary camera and the build quality / feel in hand of the G85 leaves me not wanting to pick it up at all. The E-M1.2 is perfect for my needs if I can find a way around this.

Seriously, even for casual use, 1-3 minutes per clip is really not workable...

Absolutely NOT a problem. I always use 5 minute clips if I can and I've never had a problem with them automatically stitching together in editing - let the software do its thing.

what was Olympus thinking with this???

I'm sure Olympus are competent when it comes to video and I'm sure they WERE thinking. They've been doing this for a while.

What filesystem are you using on your card?

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