Should I Refuse Deliver of this Lens?

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Should I Refuse Deliver of this Lens?

After about a year of wanting one, I finally purchased an expensive (to me) Canon L lens from a major online camera shop. The price was great. I paid for 3-day shipping to avoid having the lens bounce around in the back of a truck in the summer heat for 7-10 days.  I also arranged for the lens to be shipped to my office, to ensure that someone would be available to sign for the lens, instead of leaving it on my doorstep.

After a week of waiting (backorder), the lens shipped on June 4. it should have arrived at my office last Thursday.

I contacted the seller to be sure the lens would ship to my office. They messed up: They shipped it to my home, but they contacted the shipper to arrange for it to be delivered to my office, not my home, last Friday. I told them it would be ok, since I didn't need the lens until Monday.

Since I didn't NEED the lens on Friday, for no reason, they explicitly told the shipper to delay delivery of the lens until Monday. Really! I suppose this way, it could bounce around in a hot truck for another three days at no additional charge. When they delayed the lens shipment, they accidentally switched the delivery address back to my home. They didn't tell me that the lens was being shipped to my home, so of course the lens wasn't delivered to my office on Monday. I came home to find a UPS door tag. Great. Five days late.

I wrote to the seller and explained the mistake. I then called UPS today (Tuesday morning). UPS said the lens was already out for delivery to my home, and would arrive between 12:00 and 2pm. So I stayed at home and waited.

UPS didn't arrive, because  the seller decided to contact UPS, ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT TELLING ME, and diverted the shipment to my office, where it may or may not arrive tomorrow, on Wednesday. Seven days late, if it shows up.

They "graciously" refunded me $20 for the 3-day shipping, since the 3 days took nine days of bouncing my precious L lens in the back of a scorching hot UPS truck.

What should I do?

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Chill out! Accept the lens and enjoy it.
73.3% 55  votes
No way! Refuse receipt of the lens. It's been baked and bounced too long. Buy it from a reseller who has their act together.
4.0% 3  votes
No way! Refuse receipt and tell us who these bozos are!
12.0% 9  votes
Do something else...
10.7% 8  votes
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