Horrible Fuji Canada Customer Service

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Re: Horrible Fuji Canada Customer Service

This thread title is deceptive to the point of being clickbait. I read it and thought "Impossible! Fujifilm Canada people are awesome!"

Then I saw that it was about Fujifilm Service. Yeah, okay, that makes more sense.

focii wrote:

So ya, that’s my story. I’ll be looking to sell my Fuji and lenses and look for a good mirrorless camera brand with better customer service than Fuji.

To quote Winston Churchill, Fujifilm Service is the worst of all Service Departments, except for all of the other Service Departments. Seriously. That's exactly what he said. And he's correct.

I've had a couple of interactions with FFS – FujiFilm Service, why, what did you think that was an abbreviation for? – and never escaped unscathed. But that's intermittently typical for every service centre I've dealt with, and every one that I've worked for. All of them routinely alternate between farce and tragedy, but somehow we all manage to muddle through okay. Such is life.

Personally, my favourite direct experience with service was from a non-Fuji company that doesn't need to be named. The service rep admitted to me that, one year after the camera model started shipping, they couldn't fix them. They couldn't order parts. They didn't even have a service manual. All they would do is wait a respectable amount of time and then contact the owner to tell them that their camera couldn't be repaired under warranty – technically true – and offer to sell them a new one at cost. I turned down their offer, kept using my lightly defective camera, and you know what? I will absolutely buy the next model they make, because they're still good cameras.

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