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JacquesC wrote:

Keith Williamson wrote:

One thing that confuses me. On their web site, Peak Designs suggest that you remove any v3 anchors that you have, fit the split rings that came with the camera and then attach the anchors to them instead of the lugs. It occurs to me that the split rings that come with Fuji cameras may be just as abrasive as the lugs.

The lugs on my X-T2 have rounded edges, so I agree with you that there is not much difference and should be okay even with the V3 anchors.

Are you looking at the inside edge of the insert. When I look at lug inserts on my X100F with a magnifying glass, I can see the rough edges on the inserts.

I think the wear on the V3 straps is a combination of how much you use your camera, how you use it, and how you carry it. I took two V3 anchors off my X-T2 after six months when I sold it and they looked fine; no wear. But I didn't use the X-T2 daily, most of my shooting was off a tripod, and when I carried the X-T2, it was cross body. I think that if you use your camera daily or at least three or four days a week plus, keep it hanging from your neck or shoulder, where there is almost constant movement, the V3 anchors will probably wear much quicker.

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