Long Exposure Photography Issues

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Re: Long Exposure Photography Issues

Ed Rizk wrote:

I had a similar problem on by 60D with the 10-22 on interiors facing windows.

I have not seen it on my 6D with the 17TSE.

It is not dirt on the lens, because they are in different places in different shots. They didn't even always appear on the 10-22 facing windows.

I assumed that it was some sort of lens flare or internal reflection of the aperture blades.

I know these are different angles, but I have seen them on the 10-22 with windows at all angles. Sometimes they weren't there on the 10-22 at all angles. I have no idea why.

I've never seen them on the 17TSE at any angle.

BTW, none of these are very long exposures for even the overexposed bracket. They appeared on the original brackets, I just don't keep those, so posted the final HDR images.

Hello Ed,

this looks exactly like my problem. My first thougt was that I have a problem with my sensor from long exposures taken directly in the sun. But as you said, it sometimes happens and sometimes not and only on shots with a shutter speed longer than 30 seconds.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question and posting some sample photos.

Best regards,


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