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lewiedude2 wrote:

Bill, first of all, I totally agree with what you are saying. Second, I did get an email June 5th letting me know that I may be entitled to replacement anchors. The only reason I received the email was due to my participation in their kickstarter campaign for their v3 equipment that I purchased. Oddly, they couldn’t just tell me that they were replacing my faulty designed anchors? They knew exactly what I purchased.

I felt a tad odd being part of a group that was prepurchasing the new versions of the equipment via Kickstarter. I get it, but, an established company should be taking their own risk with marketing and selling their wares. Oh and learn.

I also received the shipping email this afternoon...for those that want to know.

I did get an acknowledgement email and shipping email but nothing before. There was a time that the primary purpose of registering your product was for product issues like this. But, now a product registration has become nothing more than a way for the marketing department to build their junk mail list.

I agree about kickstarter. The concept of a startup with a great idea using social media to fund that first product instead of banks or angle investors, who are anything but angles, was a great concept. But, companies, like PD, keep going to the trough for every new product instead of investing one dime of their profits into R&D.

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