Horrible Fuji Canada Customer Service

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Horrible Fuji Canada Customer Service


- “Error” message on lens;

- Sent lens for repair;

- Lens sent back to me with “error” message fixed but a new issue of the lens being stiff when zooming in/out (lack of quality control/inspection of lens I assume before it was sent back to me);

- Sent lens in yet again and it sat in queue for 3 whole weeks;

- Called customer service after 3 weeks and a seemingly unapologetic customer service rep said lens would be inspected;

- Called again and was told lens would ship back to me on May 31, 2018 with tracking number via email – no email, no tracking number received;

- Received email today, June 12, 2018 that lens was sent back to Fuji and that they needed my address again (which of course they have due to warranty info and the fact that they sent me my lens before)



Last year I decided to get into photography and purchased a moderately expensive camera. I researched DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to see which one would suit me best. After a month of research I decided on a new Fuji X-T2 kit and shortly thereafter (after additional research) I purchased a new and expensive 16-55mm 2.8 lens.


A few months ago I started having issues with the lens. I would get an “error” message when trying to zoom and it was discovered that the lens needed repair. I sent it to Fuji Canada for repair, paying for the shipping, which I found silly considering the lens was still under warranty and that Fuji should at least cover the shipping if the lens was defective (Fuji told me on the phone that it’s industry standard that customers pay to ship items for repairs regardless if they’re under warranty or not).

After contacting Fuji for an update (because they have problems providing customers regular updates), they told me they were fixing the lens and it would be sent back to me shortly. After I finally received the lens, the original “error” issue was resolved BUT I now noticed another issue – the lens was physically stiff when trying to zoom in and out. It seemed like Fuji did not conduct quality control check when sending the lens back because I don’t know how they missed lens stiffness.

At this point I’m obviously frustrated so after contacting Fuji again, they sent me a shipping return sticker (yay I finally avoid paying shipping) and I send lens back to Fuji Canada. I hear nothing from them for 3 weeks…

I call after third week only to hear that my lens is still waiting in queue to be inspected. Yup, the lens I had to send back due to their incompetence was sitting there just chillin’.

Of course the rep on the phone was unsympathetic with no apology and no explanation as to how a stiff lens was sent back to me in the first place. The one good thing from MY phone call was them pushing the lens up the queue. I was then told the lens would be shipped May 31 with an email giving me a tracking number. No email came but my fingers were still crossed.

Fast forward 12 day later to today, June 12, 2018, I get an email from Fuji asking me for my address because the lens had been sent back to them. My address??? You’ve sent me my lens before, you have all my info for warranty purposes, why the heck do you need to re-confirm my address?

I understand mistakes happen but it’s the lack of empathy, communication, any form of compensation, and ultimately lack of respect that gave me reason to write this review today. I’ve paid $4,600 (Canadian) for my camera and lens and was planning on buying some fixed Fuji lenses this summer. Obviously I’m no longer considering Fuji.

So ya, that’s my story. I’ll be looking to sell my Fuji and lenses and look for a good mirrorless camera brand with better customer service than Fuji.

Thanks for reading


Fujifilm 16-55mm F2.8R LM WR Fujifilm X-T2
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