Big learning curve with Lightroom

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Try another program?

Docsavage1937 wrote:

I'm being Captain Obvious, but there's a big learning curve with Lightroom. They certainly managed to make it about as un-intuitive as possible. (To be fair, Darktable isn't much more user-friendly). Why can't I just open something up and close it, like Photoshop? I'm not a big fan of the whole import thing, and then it's about as clear as mud how to make that group go away and clear it for the next time.

And frankly, until I become more advanced with photography, for a few months white balance correction is all that I'd use Lightroom for.

I can't comment on "Captain Obvious", but you aren't alone when it comes to finding LR unintuitive. I've had 50+ years of experience with IT, and the interface is the biggest turkey that I've encountered. The subscription model isn't attractive either.

I had LR5 installed on one of my computers, mainly for sharpening the occasional shot, and I found exactly the same issues when I wanted to deal with just one or two images. I simply wasn't prepared to invest the time to explore all the features, particularly as I was content with freeware programs such as Picasa, which is about as intuitive as it gets (once you understand Picasa's export folder idiosyncrasies).

No doubt LR is the bee's knees when dealing with large batches of images, or managing image databases, but it's not for the casual shooter. When my computer with LR was junked, the program went with it, and I didn't lament its passing. Sigh, It looks like I'll never get one of those fancy "Workflow" thingies, whatever they are.

At the moment, I'm checking out Affinity Photo as a potential editor for selected images. It seems to be the best of the bunch for the iPad, and is also available for the PC. It certainly seems to be fully-featured and wrangles the iPad very well (in terms of hardware support and file management).

l use the iPad as a travel computer so I've bought Affinity ($30 one-time purchase), while I have a trial version installed on my PC for training purposes.

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