Interpreting Reikan Focal charts

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Interpreting Reikan Focal charts

(Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here since its a sigma lens [120-300S + 2x APO DG Ex TC])

I recently bought reikan focal and used it to test a few of my lenses. The way I understand it, the software is supposed to display a reference sharpness value for an "average" lens. However, this reference data is varying from repetition to repetition for me. Is this normal? And if it is - why, and how do I use it?

Quoting from the software:

If FoCal Comparison Data is available for this camera and lens a red/blue/green overlay will be added to indicate how your camera and lens
performance compares with other users as follows:
- Red: indicates below-average performance,
- Blue: typical performance experienced by other users
- Green: above average performance.

"bad" starts @ 1500, "good" @ 1550

"bad" starts @ 1550, "good" @ 1575

"bad" starts @ 1600, "good" @ 1650

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