Which Android phone is best for RAW photography?

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Wayne Larmon wrote:

noisephotographer wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

noisephotographer wrote:

Nobody tests smartphone raw files.

Bill Claff at PhotonsToPhotos.net tests smartphone raw files.

I think these are all the smartphone sensors he has.

Because smartphone owners aren't contributing data.


Such tests are nearly useless. As far as I know they don't differentiate between the usual noise and pattern noise and pattern noise is far worse. Probably these tests also don't take the lens into account. A camera doesn't just consist of a sensor!

He tests raw files not raw files + lenses. What the above data shows is that there isn't too much difference between smartphone sensors (except for the weirdness of the iPhone 7 sensor, which I believe he said was something about Apple manipulating the data before writing the raw file.)

The Apple iPhone doesn't apply analog gain above ISO 200.

PhotonToPhotos is geared to testing ILCs which, of course, have interchangeable lenses. Testing lenses is a whole other thing.

No necessarily ILCs; I have always tested fixed lens cameras as well.
Some test images can optionally be taken without a lens (black frames) but all illuminated test images are taken with a lens.

Smartphones are a late addition. The big thing that I'm interested in is testing the stacked raw file that a phone that uses modern computational photography (Pixel 2, et. al) delivers. But thus far we don't have access to the stacked raw file (at least for the Pixel 2.)

Right. If we had access to a stacked file that could be tested.


Open plea: everybody please contribute sensor data to PhotonsToPhotos for sensors that aren't in the PhotonsToPhotos database. ...

I'm always interested in performing more measurements for anycamera, not just mobile phones



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Bill ( Your trusted source for independent sensor data at PhotonsToPhotos )

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