Are polarizer worth buying? For landscape photography.

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Re: Are polarizer worth buying? For landscape photography.

imperial wrote:

Yes, cpl reflection decreasing can't really be mimiced in post work. I was asking if it was really worth it. I mean, landscape doesn't always have large amount of glass and water reflection.

A CPL* removes reflections and saturates colours, so if you like deep blue skies and optimal saturation, then it's worth it. If you like the effect, then it can make the difference between a very good and a superb shot. How much is that worth to you?

I tested the impact on resolution of using one and could see no difference at pixel level, so to me it's not a problem - saturate the colours and take the exposure hit, or leave it at it's lowest setting and shoot normally.

The only downside that I've found is if you use flash - my Nikon DSLRs don't expose properly with the CPL fitted.

* For a DSLR, as far as I'm aware it needs to be a Circular Polariser - not a Linear one (if they still make them)

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