Fuji APS-C vs FF for portrait DOF

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As Truman mentioned, the Fuji 90mm is also a great focal length.

I have plans to buy the 56mm one day and probably the 90mm.  Right now, though, those plans are on hold because I'm using some wonderful vintage lenses I already have.  I'm shooting with a 60+ year old Canon FL 58mm 1.2. I'm also shooting with a Leica Summicron 90mm f2. These two lenses are pretty soft wide open, but come into their own between f2.8 and f4. Even then they can't compete with the Fujis for sharpness and contrast, but they get close enough.

I also shoot with a much sharper Canon FD 50mm 1.4 and a Canon FD 100mm f2.8.  What really has delayed the purchase of the Fuji primes is the Fuji 55-200, which has a surprisingly good bokeh.

Sure, none of the above lenses have the razor thin DOF that will blow out backgrounds, but I'm thinking unrecognizable backgrounds are overrated.  Sometimes having a little context for your subject makes a better photograph.  It requires more work; you need to be able to see past your subject and imagine what the background will look like.

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