Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

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Re: Was thinking of selling/swapping my a99 II for a7R II

Mike - wrote:

As most know, finding a good "a" mount lens is a pain. Especially for what I need...zoom wise. Swapping to an "E" mount, will go a long way toward using it more.

BUT, maybe I'll hang onto it a little longer. Being recently retired, and beginning to "clean" things up around the house, I found my old Minolta, Maxxum 7xi, with its (Tamron) 28-200 and (Minolta) 28-105 lenses. The 28-200 only sorta helps my distance problem (my 5D IV Canon with its 35-350 L are perfect. If it were only stabilized !).

Out of curiosity, this morning, I put the 28-105 lens on the a99 II and went outside. Although I've read posts about how well the old Minolta lenses work, I was still somewhat amazed at how detailed the photos actually were. Only took a few shots of junk around the house, and didn't do a high...level "inspection" the pictures for detail, color, fringing, etc., etc. but..! Only thing about the 28-105 is that its zoom is motorized. Wondering on how it will effect the battery life.

I haven't given the 28-200 any time yet. Just put the 28-200 on...the outer lens/element rotates during focus..! Maybe tomorrow for this one...

Maybe with these two lenses, my a99 II still has a home after all. I'll take it with me next weekend and see how things turn out.


The lack of support by Sigma and Tamron for a-mount does bug me, but I just can't bring myself to switch to e-mount because I love the form factor of the a99 and a99ii and I enjoy using legacy Minolta glass too much. I guess if my cameras broke or got stolen I might take the plunge with an a9 or a7rMK3 but I'm old fashioned and have big hands so would probably go the route of Nikon D850 I guess, for the sake of ergonomics.

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