New printer or repair? Canon PIXMA 9500 MkII

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New printer or repair? Canon PIXMA 9500 MkII

Hello all,

I have a Canon PIXMA 9500 MkII, and I made the mistake of not printing for a couple of years due to some life events that has kept me busy. Now things have settled down I have tried to restart printing at home again; unsurprisingly some nozzles appear to be blocked.

This is what I have done so far:

  • Replaced ink running low (from spares I had)
  • 5 deep cleans followed by nozzle check

Despite the above remedial action the GY, G, C, Y & M struggle/fail to print.

failing nozzles

Here are the options I am considering, and I would like some help to decide:

  1. Replace all of the ink and try again (approx £110)
  2. Replace the printer head and try again (approx £200 - assuming I can get one)
  3. Replace the printer entirely with a new and more capable model

I am favour option 3 because I know that will work; I am concerned that option one will probably fail and that would have cost me £100 to replace the set and I would still need to pay more to replace the head. I am wondering if anyone here can provide insight on either:

  • the issue and if it is worth fixing
  • replacement printer options

Thanks in advance


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