Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

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Re: Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

Lyff wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

I've heard over and over again that FF lenses are too heavy and expensive, as if the 24Z and 28/2 don't exist.

A lot of the APS-C anger seems to stem more from needing acknowledgement from Sony than any real system issues. Yes Fuji and MFT have better lens lineups, but look at pretty much any crop DSLR system... in that context APS-C E is pretty comprehensive.

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Sony need to step up it's APSC line up, beefier bodies than the A6x00 serie (not DSLR sized but X-T2 like with a small grip would be nice) so you can get a better handling and a more comfortable control layout. For the lenses, there is a complete lack of fast zooms.

I'd agree with you on the lenses, but not the body.  I DON'T want a beefier body.  The reason I love my A6000 is the small body.

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