Adapters for Nikon 1 cameras

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Re: Adapters for Nikon 1 cameras

I have a few K mount (Pentax) lenses and bought the K mount adapter. Of course, every thing leans to telephoto because of the small 1" sensor. A 50mm lens gives me a 135mm field of view as compared in 35mm film. My 200mm becomes 540mm eq fov which is handy in some situations.

I had the J1 and S1 cameras. These cameras lay down and play dumb when you put on these "dumb" adapters, which is quite a shame and a big fail to me. You have to menu dive to allow the camera to work with adapted lenses (on a dumb converter) and there is still no metering or focus assist. You can buy a chipped device that glues onto the adapter that allows the camera to meter and use focus aids when shooting with manual lenses.

Micro 4/3rds cameras work so much better for adapting lenses. Just pop on the lens and adapter and the camera will meter and give very nice focusing aids. One of the attractions to mirroless is lens adaptability, so I'm baffled as to why Nikon chose to cripple the N1 cameras this way.

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