Fuji APS-C vs FF for portrait DOF

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Re: Fuji APS-C vs FF for portrait DOF

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Well, it also beg the question, if FF mirrorless also have the same (if not smaller) size and weight as Fuji APS-C , why don't I just go FF mirrorless and enjoy all of the benefits of full frame, meanwhile I always have the option to upgrade to pro f2.8 and f1.4 glasses later. If I go fuji, there's no upgrade path for me.

Given your description of the 'problem' a few cm less DOF is NOT going to solve anything. It's just a gear vs. approach issue. Your whole approach is backwards.

When I was doing this stuff for money, I spent a lot of time scouting locations - I never let the clients choose unless they were prepared to arrive at 6.00 am. I know far more good photography locations than they do in a 30 mile radius and considered it part of the job. I would even taxi them to the location if requested.

Yeah, good luck doing that over here if you don't own a car (which very few people can afford in Vietnam).

And yeah, good luck making a living if you taxi your client to the location, you'll have like what? 10$ left that barely cover food and fuel?

If I had to drive anyway (to take the gear and assistant) and they were not too far off the route I would offer to take them. Made sure we all got there on time.

Has it ever occured to you that not every poster on DPreview forums live in 1st world country?

Not sure what that has to do with it. You use a Sony FF camera which is not exactly a Holgar, so how can your business cover that?

As for the gear issue, you are assuming that all lenses work equally well wide open. The Fuji 56 is the first ultra fast (1.4 or faster) that behaves well fully open. The Nikkor 85 1.4 has quite noticeable bokeh fringing at F1.4 and really needs stopping down to F2.

I used to use a D800 with 85 1.4 for location shoots, two light stands, umbrellas and an assistant. Now I use the Fuji, I don't notice any deficiencies in the Fuji setup. I just don't get paid now (I do it for friends - most popular wedding present ever).

Yup, because all full frame lenses behave in the same way as the 8 years old Nikkor.

The theory of optics hasn't change much since then.

Don't just throw money at a hypothetical issue or your business will be over before you know it. Rent a Sony for a few days, do a shoot, see if it's better.

Nor does your logic make financial sense. You can always upgrade whenever you want. Buying a Sony with an 85 1.8 will get you nothing in the short term apart from a huge financial loss on your Fuji gear, and it won't cost you any more to upgrade in the future.

You want a Sony? Just buy one, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Well, seeing as I've tried the XT2 and instead of going for it and I went for, and currently use, the A7III, I think you can figure out the answer.

And frankly, it would have actually costed me more to switch to Fuji than to Sony from Nikon.

Fine, but I still think you need to find a better solution to the issue you are trying to solve, whether you live in Vietnam or Vancouver.

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Mahatma Gandhi: "I think it would be a very good idea!"

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