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Re: Here's what IR shows for exposures...

Christof21 wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

I went to the IR site and looked at the test images from the X-H1 and the A7rIII and looked at the exposure data they published.

The X-H1 and the A7rIII both used the exact same exposure settings at the same ISO.

ISO 6400: 1/500s @ f/8

ISO 12800: 1/1000s @ f/8

ISO 25600: 1/2000s @ f/8

Did they have the same amount of light falling on the scene for each camera? That I do not know.

Yes, I was surprised at this...

dpr shows 0.3ev difference but strangely the difference does not show here. I trust dpr.

Fuji ISO has always showed a difference between 1/3 ev and 2/3 ev with most competitors, Sony included. Never below 1/3ev with Sony.

The thing which is strange is that we could imagine that the camera metered the scene a bit differently, which explains that despite the ISO difference, the exposure settings are the same. Why not, let's admit this is the case. But ithen, the X-H1 picture should be more brightened. A bias of +1/3 Ev is small but in terms of brightness it shows a visible difference.

So I doubt the lighting conditions are the same..

I was surprised because IR shows very unfair comparisons, like the ones with Nikon. At ISO 6400 the ss is 1/1000s so the difference is 1ev !!!

But I fully admit the exposure parameters are the same though a mystery remains...

One might like to check the EC settings as well.

I was surprised to see that IR states the EC setting for each image taken, and to see that they are not always zero.

I have not checked this for the images presented by the OP.

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