Waiting for camera with built-in radio flash trigger

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Again, any device that TRANSMITS!

MarshallG wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Any product that uses/emits radio frequencies has to have certification in the country that it is used.

Every country has its own regulations, and to produce a radio product that will be sold all over the world you need to get approval from every country where it will be sold. Even Canada (DOC) and the US (FCC) has different regulations. A product that's legal to use in one country may be illegal in another. If a camera had a radio in it it would have to have a different model for each country's radio frequencies, and would have to pay additional fees for certifications in each of those countries. Most who travel take cameras without thinking they would have to turn off any built-in radio transmitter.

Many Canon cameras have WiFi.

WiFi operates at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Canon's wireless flash transmitters operate at 2.4 GHz. So... they're already selling you a camera that's built in accordance with the regulations for transmission of 2.4 GHz. What's more, all of their RT flash transmitters and Speedlights are certified for 2.4 GHz worldwide. So I don't think regulatory approval is the reason why.

You MISSED the part that I quoted from MY text above.  Again any device that emits (transmits) radio frequency has to go through extended testing in EVERY country in which it might be used.  If you look through your camera's manual you will see letters like FCC, DOC, CE, IUT, etc...it has undergone standard testing for radio interference.  However if it's a transmitter/uses radio frequency it has to undergo more advanced testing and that costs more money for the manufacturer.

I own a FCC/US certified CB radio/transmitter that is NOT DOC/Canada certified.  Canada and the US use the EXACT SAME CB radio frequencies but it is ILLEGAL for me to use this radio in Canada because it transmits at a higher power level than Canada permits.  I admit I still packed it when I went camping in Canada because if I got into trouble I'd rather risk the fine than the risk of not being able to reach someone in an emergency (I had other legal/DOC approved CB radios for non-emergencies/chit-chat).

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