Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

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Re: Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

People have more demanding expectations of optics now and expect edge-to-edge sharpness at f1.4.  Modern lenses are better in a purely technical sense. This outweights the technology gains and so -- optics are getting heavier and more expensive, not less.

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I think in Sony's case they are kind of stuck at the moment. If I go full frame, I would jump brand ship. Lenses are too expensive, they guoge you on flash, and the interface doesn't make sense. However, I've got all the vintage full frame glass I can find, so I can have my "Full Frme Ready" sticker. I guess at some point in the future it would be cool to have one or two automatic lenses, but at this point it looks completely infeasible, and I probably won't ever be able yo shop them used like the manuals, because the electronics are to difficult to reverse engineer.

One thing I don't understand, is why are optics so perpetually expensive? Look at the complexity and machining in silicon wafers for semiconductors those prices dropped substantially. I'm pretty sure way more engineering went into that sensor, than the optics in the lens. The QC can't be that much different and extensive for lenses.

Optics are not subject to the same technology gains as wafers. Moore's law and all that ... Optics have improved due to modern coatings; computer-aided design; the use of in-camera lens profiles to correct distortion, vignetting and abberations, modern materials to reduce weight plus a few other factors. But nothing like wafers which double their capabilities every few years.

That's what is confusing. The optics are essentially the same next to no technological improvements in years, but the price hasn't decreased. However, there have been giant strides in manufacturing including precision silicon manufacturing. I mean they can drill and print micron size wiring.

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