Anyone using DXO Photolab as an alternative to Capture One Pro?

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Re: Anyone using DXO Photolab as an alternative to Capture One Pro?

I have gone round and round with Capture and DXO. The addition of upoint technology is making it easier for me to stay in DXO.

There is a certain base color in Capture One that really annoys me. Slightly red/magenta purple spectrum. It shows up in scalp a lot of times.  I shoot theatre so lots of incandescent, LED and MSR sources. DXO is a breath of fresh air color wise. "Yes! Thats what her hair is supposed to look like!" Brown hair with lots of subtle hues and highlights.

I have the Film Pack installed as well. You can trick Capture by telling it to use a different camera profile, for instance a Leaf as opposed to a Sony. The leaf profiles have lots of options that are worth exploring.

I just shot a performance lately that was heavy on LED saturation. The areas of saturation that I tried to correct had interesting edges on skin as if Capture was clearly defining those edges. DXO was quite a bit smoother with these problematic areas.

Capture is quicker to load and therefore, to cull and rate.

Capture color selection is more sophisticated.

DXO noise reduction is superior.

DXO  has built in control for contrast in blacks, mids and highlights as well as global contrast, fine and microcontrast.

I like Capture One sharpening better. That will change if DXO incorporates NIK sharpening.

I feel that the lens corrections are better in DXO. Maybe that's due to them reminding you to download a new lens profile when you use another lens for the first time. The distortion profiles appear to be more targeted.

I really liked the NIK software and bought the whole suite prior to the Google acquisition. I hope that as time goes on, DXO will incorporate these plugins, much as they do with Film Pack.

Jeff Smith

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