What's wrong with the Contax-Yashica (C/Y) mount???

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Re: What's wrong with the Contax-Yashica (C/Y) mount???

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I've been using a cheap Pixco CY to LM (and CY to NEX) dumb adapter for a while now, all with Contax lenses, and there were never any problems. That was until today....

I had recently got a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, and had used Contax lenses with it. I've seen some great photos with the cheap Yashica ML 50mm f1.4 and I managed to get a cheap one today. Before I tested it out on the SLR, I thought I'd test it with my 'go to' CY to LM adapter (on a Techart Pro). Images were very good, but now it won't come off the dumb adapter.

I've tried maybe 30+ Contax lenses on this adapter, and there was never a moment of it being even slightly stiff. First Yashica lens I put on it, and it's now stuck. Have tried bending back various bits of metal inside the adapter, and have even placed the lens+adapter in a fridge to cool the metal down hoping it would contract a bit, no luck.

Looks like I'll have to get another CY to LM adapter now, but the lens is a shame as I wanted to pair it with the SLR.

Get Kipon or Novoflex, or if it's being too expensive, like for myself, get K&F Concept.

I just went out and got a Kipon one. I don't mind paying more, but my point was that the Pixco one works 100% fine with Contax lens, but as soon as a Yashica lens was mounted, it got stuck. Even though both the Contax and Yashica lens share the CY mount, from my conclusion is that there must be an ever so slight difference between the two, just like the OP who experienced this issue with a Yashica lens.

You are right. I have now many Contax Zeiss lenses, no problem at all with the mount. It seems to be something specific to Yashica that creates problems with adapters.

FYI, I use about 5 contax lenses on K&F adapter with no problems but some Yashica ML lenses (not all) stick, so probably tolerance or QC differences with Yashica. Still not sure you can tar ALL the ML lenses with the same brush. I had way more problems with Fotga C/Y adapter which was stiff on all lenses, which I won't use any more, so it can certainly be an adapter issue too.

I guess that's the beauty of only having a single mount. You can dedicate a cheap adapter to each lens and from then on, that lens is just an E mount (or whatever mount you have).


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