Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

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Is Sony's APS-C just a bait for FF

In a recent interchange Richard Butler said: “Sure, buy a camera that the manufacturer sees as an means of selling you a more expensive camera. Make do with lenses that either aren't ideal now, or won't fulfil the same role in the future (if you like the 75mm equiv of a 50 on APS-C, you're going to struggle to recreate it when you change to an a7).”

I chose the a6000 (and later added the a6500) because there were some physical characteristics that matched my needs and I have no need for FF. DPReview writers have consistently dismissed the features that drew me to the a6000. In particular the lack of top-plate controls. But I found that these top-plate controls were a hazard, getting the camera in and out of jacket pockets and unnecessary—given the configurability of the a6x000 series and the a6500 particularly.
He, and others have also bemoaned the lack of lenses. Now I will admit that there are a couple of lenses I would like: a fast 16-50mm and a nice macro lens but aside from that I am not feeling any lack.

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The Sony APS-C line is just bait for their FF models
22.2% 24  votes
The Sony APS-C line is meeting my needs
53.7% 58  votes
Hey! I want both and love it I can use the same lenses on both.
24.1% 26  votes
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Sony a6000 Sony a6500
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