Recommended lens for A7RII wildlife / BIF

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Re: Recommended lens for A7RII wildlife / BIF

PhilthePhrame wrote:

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PhilthePhrame wrote:

If weight was a concern with the 150-600, you might try the Canon 400 f/5.6. Quite light, focuses fine for stationary birds with the MC-11. Reasonably priced.

How is the Canon 400 with the MC-11 with moving subjects? I have that lens, and I just bought the A7R3, but I only have the Metabones.

I must say metabones + Canon 400 f5.6 works slightly better on the A7R3 than on the A7R2, but I was still hoping for more: it would struggle even with stationary subjects (e.g. the brick wall of the building in front of my house) if there is lttle contrast in the scene. I haven't had the chance to use the combo with moving subjects, but I am not too optimistic, given the above.

Plus, with the metabones you don't have few of the AF options that are useful for moving subjects, such as tracking. Are they available with the MC-11 ?



I have found the AF-S focus excellent with the MC-11. I also have the MBV, but preferred the MC-11. I haven’t tried enough BIF with it to give a reliable answer - I’m travelling just now or I’d go out and do some test shots for you.

Thanks for the reply

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